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          Used Optical Equipment November 2022
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Used and Rebuilt surfacing equipment…call for pictures

1 Coburn Step One blocker, under 10,000 lenses blocked since new…..$3250(Florida)
1 Coburn Eclipse blocker, gone through by rebuilder, low usage, very good condition, three months warranty, …$9995(Fla)
1 LOH V75, gone through by re-builder, “wear parts” replaced, very good condition, three month warranty……$21, 995( Fla)
 1 Coburn SGX Plus 220 volt , 2006  cuts since new , near new condition,  $7995(Fla R)

1 Optek Profile generator and stand, 13, 000 cuts since new….$3995(Missouri)

 1 National Optronics 2G generator, rebuilt, wear parts replaced…..$8995(NC T)

2 National Optronics 2G generator, rebuilt, 6 month warranty…..$11,995(Fla J)

8 LOH X2S cylinder machines, rebuilt, 90 day warranty…$5995 ea(Re-builder)
Sold>>>2 Coburn Acuity Plus cylinder machines, used at retail….$1995 ea(Mass)

Sold>>>1 Ultra Optics MR 111 hard coating machines, gone through by one of Europe’s leading optical machinery distributor, new pumps and suction cups…..$8500 each(UK)

Sold>>>1 Ultra Optics Mini 11 Hard Coater and cure oven, excellent condition…$5995(Missouri

 1120 plastic tools/laps…$1.00 ea(Missouri)


#117 Alloy…….80 pounds of used, clean #117 alloy, $35.00 per pound in ten pound bars(NC)

 1 Coburn double spindle tool rack, very good condition….$395(Missouri)

 1 Coburn De-blocker…$175(Miss)

1 3M Surface Saver Tape machine, good condition…. $695(Miss)

1 Arctica Chiller, pump and reservoir……$695(Miss)


1 Mr. Blue pattern-less edger, tracer , blocker and built in drill 13,000 cuts since new, new condition….$10,995(Fla)

1 National Optronics QM-X3  edger, ES Blocker and 4T tracer, low usage , 2020 model, recent service , doctor retires, edger mills, drills processes complex shapes….MEI capability for less money….$25,000(Fla)

1 AIT Maxima edger and 1 AIT Combimax tracer / blocker, 950 lenses cut since new, excellent condition….$4995( Texas /La)

6 Oasis brand compact chillers,R8D300, ¼ horse each, good condition…$995 for all six chillers (Texas / La)

Sold>>1 Nidek ME 1200 with drill, Ice 900 Auto blocker , LT 900 tracer ......$10,000(Can)

1 National Optronics 7EX  pattern-less edger  and vacuum, refurbished by Optronics re-builder, 6 month warranty. $14,995 (Fla)

1 BPI 9 pot tint tank, good condition…$500(Ohio)

1 Professional hand stone, Bevel Rite brand , new condition…$150(Ohio)

Sold>>2 Santinelli Ice 900 Auto blockers $1500  ea(Can)

2 Santinelli Lt 900 tracer $2000 ea(Can)

1 B&L lensometer with prism rings ....$795 (Can)

1 Marco Lensometer  $695(Can)

1 Nidek LM-600P auto lensometer $1500 (Can)      

2 Nidek LM-1200 lensometer with printer & PD measurement $2500(Can)

1 Essilor Kappa Pattern Less edger/tracer/blocker , good condition, running well,  “N” model, spare parts machine included…$2995( Calif V LA)

1 Briot Alta Pro, good condition, 89,313 cuts….$2995(Miss)

1 Mr. Blue 2.0 edger /tracer/ blocker/drill/milling/EssiBox, re-built with 6 month warranty……$21,995 ( Florida)

1 Mr. Orange edger /tracer/ blocker/drill/EssiBox, re-built with 6 month warranty……$17,995

12 National Optronics 7E HLP , Pattern-less edger, 4T tracer, re-built ,6 month warranty…reduced to..$17,995ea

12 National Optronics 6ES pattern-less edgers ,4T tracer , rebuilt , 6 months warranty… $ 11,995 ea

8 National Optronics 4T tracers, rebuilt, 6 month warranty…$1495(ea )

12 National Optronics 7E HLP Drill, Pattern-less edger, 4T tracer,
…reduced to..$19,995ea

1 Refurbished National Optronics 7EX includes refurbished 3BX blocker, 4TX tracer, drills, shelf bevels, Mills and cuts wrap lenses 6 month warranty 23,995( Fla)

1 Refurbished National Optronics 7EX includes 4T tracer, 6 month warranty…$20,995

12 National Optronics 7E HLP Drill, Pattern-less edger, 4T tracer, re-built ,6 month warranty…reduced to..$18,500ea

8  Coburn CS7 Marker/ blocker, new in the box…$2300 ea (Conn)

1 2020 Coburn / Huvitz HBE 8000 X pattern-less edger and Coburn Huvitz HAB blocker and tracer, under 300 cuts since new.........$18,995(NYBK)

1 OptiDrill , Factory refurbished, with Weco blocking system, computer and operating system with 6 month warranty. Includes phone installation and training…….$5625.00(NC)

1 Essilor’s  Neptune Edger cooling / filtration system….$995(Mass)


Sold>>>Complete  newer Optek Max Lab for sale in Mississippi ……$10,995
1 Contour Max generator, very good condition, 2016 model , 30,183 lenses cut since new ….$4995(Mississippi)
1 Unity Max alloy blocker, 2011 model…..$2995(Mississippi)
1 Criterion Max cylinder machine, good condition…$1995 (Mississippi)
1 Criterion cylinder machine / polisher , 2016 model…..$1995( Mississippi)
1200 Aluminum tools/ laps…$1.00 ea (Mississippi)
1 Optek #310 Chiller, used for polisher, good  condition…$500(Mississippi)
1 Digital Sag gauge, Optek brand, near new condition…..$395(Mississippi)
1 Steel tool cabinet, 9 drawer, ball bearing rollers…$500( Mississippi)

Optical Dynamics Lens casting and AR systems

1 Optical Dynamics complete Lens Casting system …….$3995(Oregon)
Near 600 molds…. SV, FT28 and standard progressive molds …  short corridor progressive molds
2 drawer lens cabinet plus 3rd drawer of molds
2 Fill stations
2 Cure stations
Boxes of new monomer, gaskets etc

1 Optical Dynamics Nano Clear AR/ mirror and hard coating machine…. Near new condition….was $70,000 a few years ago now $3995(Oregon)


 AR EQUIPMENT…call for pictures

3 sets  of Leybold “Star” AR coaters, used, in good condition, located in Connecticut USA….$18,000 per set

1 “MY Coat”, AR machine, new condition. 6 lenses per 30 minute cycle….Turn key AR includes Lytron chiller…..$29,995 Washington/Idaho

1 Optical Dynamics Nano Clear AR/ mirror and hard coating machine…. New condition….was $70,000 a few years ago now $3995(Oregon)

1 Zeiss B12 AR coater   $35,000(Fla)

1 Chemalux 100 AR coater and Spin Coater ,very good condition, includes $1000  worth of process chemicals….reduced to $995(Arkansas)

1 Optovac AR machine, gone through by rebuilder, ion source, 2 carousells, 16 lens and 30 lens……..$45,000
1 Satis / LOH T40 wash line, low usage, excellent cosmetic condition, sold with 6 baskets ……..$3995( Georgia)


Looking for used Coburn #505 cylinder machines…..working or not.
Call Ernie or Scott at Optical Works…800-688-1806

Looking for used Santinelli / Nydek 9000 SX edgers working or not
 $1500 if working…$750 if not working

Looking for used National Optronics Vista or 2G generators working or not
 Up to $2000 if working…$1000 if not working


Call me and I’ll give you a “no charge” estimate of your equipment’s value….714-963-8991            

All of the  descriptions of equipment listed are those of the sellers….due diligence in purchasing is suggested

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