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  Rebuilt & Used Surfacing Equipment




                                       USED OPTICAL MACHINERY LLC

Contact Barry Shepard at    714-963-8991 California 

NEW COBURN SGX PLUS LAB...6237 lenses processed $16,995
1 SGX Plus Generator, 220 volt.......6237 lenses cut
2 Acuity Plus cylinder machines
1 Step One Blocker
1 Step One Washer
1100 tools/laps
1 Chiller
1 Coburn De-blocker

Complete #108/803 surfacing lab....$4995 includes:
1 Optek 803 a #108
2 Optek 400 cylinder machines
1 chiller
1 Optek alloy blocker#260 
850 aluminum tools
1 AIT #501 marker

Used and Rebuilt Surfacing Euipment call or e-mail for pictures

1 LOH VPRO generator and loader, orange stripe,  200,000 cuts since new....$24,995

1 LOH V50 generator, rebuilt, 90 day warranty..reduced to $14,995 (Fla)

1 Coburn SGX Plus generator, 16,000 lenses cut since new....$5995(Illinois Don)

1 Coburn #2113 generator, very good condition..$1595(KY)

1 National Optronics 2G generator 100 cuts on rebuild, includes visual lab program....$9,995

2 LOH X2S "L"cylinder machines, very good condition, $2000 ea

4 LOH X2S  cylinder machines, rebuilt , 90 day warranty...$5995ea

1 Coburn CMX 50 cylinder machine, 2013 model, used for 6 months in R&D, new condition..$5995 or best offer (Albany NY)2 Optek 425 cylinder machines, near new condition.....$1500 each

1 Coburn #506 cylinder machine, rebuilt by OWC, very good used condition...$1250(Illinois Don)

1 LOH PRA blocker, good condition, 2005 model....$24,995

1 Coburn 95A alloy blocker, good condition..$595(Tenn)

1 Eclipse Blocker, Freebond/wax, rebuilt, 90 day warranty...$9995 (Fla)

1 P Matic P10 chiller and polish pump for use with LOH generators....$7995

5 LOH Magna Spin Hard coaters, gone through by re-builder..reduced to $4995(Ind)

1 LOH Magna Spin hard coatingg, machine, new in late 2013 early  2014...$19,995(NY)

1 LOH G4 high production hard coater, gone through by re-builder....$13,995(Ind)

1 Ultra Optics Mini 11 coater, cure oven, rebuilt….90 day warranty…$9995(Fla)

1 Ultra Optics Mini 11 coater and cure oven, retail use, new condition $5995(Calif Lynda)

1 Ultra Optics Mini 11 coater and cure oven, retail use, good condition....$5995(Calif)

1 Ultra Optics Mini 11 Hard Coater and cure oven, newer moder..$4995(Red Deer)

1 Coburn CS7 surface marker, good condition....$595(NC)

1 COburn CS7 Marker, good condition..$$595( Illinois Don)

2 Ingersol Rand compressors,  T30 or 234015(5 horse)......$1995 ea(Albany NY)

1 Coburn DCE Vacuum, large, powerful....$350(Illinois)

1 Tool/Lens cabinet, steel, ballbearings , Optek brand...was $3000 now $250 (Illinois Don)

2 Coburn #1101 tool racks , double spindle, steel $375 ea (Calif)

2 Coburn #1101 tool racks, new cond $375 ea (KY)

850 tools/laps , plastic, factory cyut.....and marked...$0.75 ea(Ill Don)

2000 Aluminum tools/laps, LOH brand, machined ..not cast, cut in 1/10ths, cut to 1.60......$1.25 ea (Mich)

4000 job trays, Schneider/ LSM  Digital robatic trays,10 x 8.5, white color,  excellent condition..$2.50 ea(Iowa) 

2 Coburn 99SD reclaim tanks,special edition, stainless tops, very good condition...$695 ea(NC)

9 pounds of used clean #117 alloy $45.00 pound

9 pounds of new #117 alloy, new bars...$55.00 pound

CASTING for pictures

1 ODC Q-2100 Casting system, like new condition, SV, FT and standard progressive molds....$3495(Utah)
1 ODC Q-2100 Casting System, good condition,  SV,FT, and standard progressive molds...$3500(NM)

70 bottles of ODC clear Monomer $$50 ea bottle(NM)

6000 Semi-Finished Glass molds......... 80 MM molds..........................$20,000 for all

70% of all molds are fronts33% progressive molds...... Scopus  ...18MM Seg height
33% FT 28 molds
33% SV molds
$20,000 includes Steel/Aluminum molds for manufacturing mold is "one cavity"...second mold is "four cavity"


Edging and bench equipment
1 National Optronics 7E HLP Drill, pattern-less-edger and 4T tracer, rebuilt , 6 month warranty....$20,995 (Fla)
1 National Optronics 7E HLP, pattern-less edger and 4T tracer, rebuilt, 6 month warranty....$17,995(Fla)
2 National Optronics 6ES Pattern-less edgers with 4 T tracers, completely rebuilt , 6 month warranty....$12,995 each package(Fla)
1 Santinelli LEX 1000 edger, 2010 model, Ice 1000 tracer/blocker, drill,44,000 cuts since new...$13,995(Calif Lynda)
1 Kappa pattern-less edger, tracer , blocker, 34,000 cuts since new $4495(NY)
1Kappa Pattern-less edger, tracer, blocker, 52,00 cuts since new...$4995(NY)
1 WECO #650 pattern-less edger and trace 11 tracer, 20,000 cuts since new....$8995(Nova)
1 Essilor/Coburn Sigma 11 pattern-less edger/blocker and Rae tracer , 6200 cuts since new...$5995(Mass)
1 Briot Accura CX pattern-less edger tracer, 36.000 cuts since new $3495(Calif)    
1Edgemaster, pattern edger...good condition....$995 ( Mass Pit)
8 National Optronics 4T tracers, rebuilt, 6 month warranty..$1495(Fla)
5 Humphry style #360 Lens Analyzers, new in the box, 6 month warranty....$1995ea(Fla)

2 AIT Speede blockers, good condition..$295 ea(GG)
1 AIT Opera Drill, reconditioned by AIT, complete drill set, 60 day warranty....$1700(Ill)
1 CNC Opti-Drill, near new condition...$2295(Los Angeles)
1 Smart drill, good condition $350
1 B&L 70 lensometer, good condition...$595(Los Angeles)

1 Essilor Digital pupilometer, excellent condition....$275(Texas)

Buyer for  LOH generators...working or not..........LOH V50,V75, V100, for cash offers. Buyer pays freight and arranges crating.

Buyer will pay $2500-$3500 for SL2 or XRT generators…working or not

Buyer will pay $2500 for Mini 11 coaters, $3500 for MR3 coaters....... working or not



AR & Coating Equipment

                                            AR for pictures

1 Leybold Syrus 1105 AR coater $198,000... includes : 5 pocket EB gun, 2 thermal sources, Mark 11 Ion source, dual PCF/PCF Poly Cold, diffusion pump, changeable callottes, machine in near new condition....  $198,000(Michigan USA)

1 Satis 1200 D AR Coating machine package...$70,000 includes:
T10 ultrasonic and dip coating, transformers, domes..2 sets with rings, flow booth, oven,bead blaster, anti-static gun, DI recovery system, roatery pump, Shimadzu 2401 spectrophotometer, Polycold 1100 PCF/PCF (double circuit Polycold). Seller says machine was running well in production in de-commissioned and ready for transport.

1 Satis 900 D AR and 2012 Optimal Elite CHC hard coat line $275,000: includes: PCF/PCF Polycold, 5 pocket Temescal EB gun,  new "Inficon XTC/3S " deposition controller, Mark 11 Ion source, dual thermal sources, IR lens heaters, diffusion pump, changeable callottes, chiller and all ancillary equipment including: ovens, cleaning unit, arms, clips, callottes and domes. All equipment is currently in operation and can be viewed and tested prior to purchase.Installation and training available. An affordable and easy way to add a full  hard coating and AR line.....$275,000 including shipping and crating world wide.

1 Satis #360 AR system...$100,000 includes: Flip, Ion Source,Polycold, Large chiller, 
30 lenses per 40 minute cycle 

1 Satis 725 AR System, turn key, complete and installed in North or South America ....$120,000..includes:.............
Gone through Satis #725, new touch screen, difusion pump, Polycold, Mark 1 Ion Source, Flow booth, Crest Ultra Sonic, chiller and included

1 Zeiss B12 AR , rebuilt complete system......$70,000 includes: 1 B12 AR coater, 36 lenses per hour, wash line/ultra sonic ,oven , anti-stat and fixturing, Flow Booth with inspectation and air gun

I Satis T-10 robotic ultrasonic cleaning system, Includes Flow booth, DI recovery unit & oven $24,995(Colorado)

1 Crest Ultra Sonic, Optimum Console Juniorr , 2011 model, used in R&D, new condition...$10,995(Fla)

1 Satis SP200 AR coater, rebuilt 2011-12 by Satis LOH, new condition......$69,995(NY)

1 Chemalux #150 AR Coater, sample, new condition, not used in production, …..$16,750

1 New Satis Spectrophotometer, MS 200, 2HD IBM Specview...$3500 negotiable (Albany NY)

1 Wisconsin AR oven, 2010 model....$995 (Albany NY)


Finishing & Bench Equipment

                Rebuilt and Used Edging and Bench for pictures

1 National Optronics 7E HLP Drill, Pattern-less edger and 4 T tracer,re-built, 6 months warranty...$20,995(Fla)

2 National Optronics 6ES pattern-less edger and a  4T tracer, rebuilt, 6 month warranty...$12,995ea(Fla)

1 National Optronics 4tx tracer, rebuilt, 6 months warranty.....$5000(Fla)

1 National Optronics 4T with ARKNET, rebuilt, 6 month warranty…$2250(Florida Re-builder) 

1 National Optronics 4Ti tracer, rebuilt, 6 month warranty.....$2200(Fla)

10 National Optronics 4T tracers, rebuilt by factory trained tech, 6 month warranty,$1495.00 ea(Florida Re-Builder)

1 National Optronics 4T tracer, rebuilt, 90 day warranty...$1250(Oregon).....

3 AIT Speedy blockers,  ...$295-$325 ea (Calif)

2 AIT Opera Drills, refurbished by AIT, near new condition, 60 day warranty...$1700ea (Illinois)

1 CNC Opti-Drill, near new condition...$2295(Los Angeles)

Buyer paying $1500 for Optronics 6ES edgers...working or not

Buyer paying $3500-$4500 for Optronics 7E edgers...working or not


Doctor's & Miscellaneous
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